Excessive Use of Retail Whitening Products Can Be Harmful

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The microscopically porous nature of tooth enamel can sometimes trap tiny dark particles from certain foods and beverages. As these surface stains start to accumulate, they can gradually start to saturate your teeth. This process is even more likely to occur if you occasionally or frequently use tobacco products.

As the dental stains start to worsen, the retail tooth whitening products that are sold in stores will likely prove to be increasingly ineffective. If you overuse these items or experiment with tooth whitening products that haven’t been approved by the American Dental Association, they could severely irritate your gums and potentially harm your teeth.

Instead, the wisest course of action is to have our dentist, Dr. James Shaheen, perform a professional dental bleaching treatment. This process involves professional tools and techniques that are designed to protect your soft oral tissues while the potent whitening agents remove the discoloration from your tooth enamel.

Once this is done, you might want to try cutting back on dark beverages like coffee, tea and cola. You could also try drinking these liquids through a straw to help minimize their contact with the front surfaces of your teeth.

Brushing your teeth every morning and night, and remembering to thoroughly floss at least once each day will also help maintain healthy teeth and a white smile.

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