What’s Happening During Your Root Canal Therapy?

Here is a quick overview of what is happening to you during your root canal therapy. With a bit of knowledge of what to expect, you can be prepared and ready if you ever need a treatment. Our dentist, Dr. James Shaheen, wants to make sure you are as comfortable as possible with any procedure that might be performed. That’s... read more »

Set the Stage for Optimum Oral Health With Bruxism Prevention

Although caring for your smile doesn't require round-the-clock service. It does require round-the-clock attention. If you notice any oral health risks beginning to arise, it is important to set protection plans in place to keep your smile safe. Furthermore, prevent oral accidents and injuries by implementing effective lifestyle choices. However, it may be possible to suffer severe dental damage without... read more »

Dental Facts on Tooth Hazard Prevention

  To keep your smile safe, never be afraid to set forth tooth hazard prevention plans to ensure optimal oral health care success. The more you do to think about the foods and drinks you consume and any other habits that may lead to dental damage or cause oral accidents or injuries, the more you can do to ensure your... read more »