Dental Facts on Tooth Hazard Prevention

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To keep your smile safe, never be afraid to set forth tooth hazard prevention plans to ensure optimal oral health care success. The more you do to think about the foods and drinks you consume and any other habits that may lead to dental damage or cause oral accidents or injuries, the more you can do to ensure your smile has the best chance for oral health care success. Be aware of tooth hazards in your life, specifically your diet.

Opening products with your teeth can be severely detrimental to your smile. This is because bottle caps and plastic packaging are not designed to be opened with your teeth. Your teeth may seem strong, but they are not strong enough to be used for other tasks outside of eating. Generally, opening probably packaging can lead to severe dental damage in the form of chipped or cracked teeth, lacerated gums and lips, and potential tooth loss.

It is important to understand the risks associated with the foods that you’re eating. Numerous substances in foods and drinks including sugars are known tooth hazards because they can severely hinder your oral health. In addition, starchy products such as potato chips can also be broken down by bacteria in your mouth. Due to the risk of dental erosion, it is always important to exercise caution with foods and drinks you are consuming and avoid products that are packed with sugars and starches.

To keep your smile safe from the risks of increased tooth decay and dental erosion, avoid snacking between meals. By snacking throughout the day, you can increase the time in which harmful materials are present on your teeth and gums. In addition, snacking produces less saliva than meals. Thus, avoid snacking and stick to large meals only.

Seeking a better smile and better oral health without tooth hazard prevention is a difficult task to comprehend for individuals who seek true oral health superstardom. For more information on tooth hazard prevention or to schedule an oral exam or professional cleaning with Dr. James Shaheen and our team at our dentist office in New Hudson, Michigan, please contact Smiles of Grand River at 734-707-8764.