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When you have periodontal disease, pockets of bacteria develop around the teeth in which the disease can thrive. Our skilled dentist offers flap surgery to remove the tartar in your periodontal pockets and reduce the harmful bacteria in your mouth. We invite you to call Smiles of Grand River at 734-707-8764 to schedule a consultation with Dr. James Shaheen and learn more about how flap surgery in New Hudson, Michigan, can benefit you.

When your mouth is healthy, your gum and bone tissue fit snugly around your teeth. Periodontal disease destroys your supporting bone and gum tissue, causing pockets to form around the teeth. These pockets host the disease-causing bacteria in your mouth and give them a space from which they can continue to advance your gum disease.

Flap surgery, also known as pocket reduction, works to remove deposits of plaque and tartar in the periodontal pockets, reducing the pockets in size and making it easier for you, our dentist, and our team to keep those areas of your mouth clean.

During your procedure, our dentist will lift the gums back from your teeth. The tartar will then be removed, and your gums will be sutured back into place so that it once again fits snugly around your tooth. In some cases, we may also smooth irregular or rough surfaces of your bone to help limit the areas where bacteria can accumulate and encourage the reattachment of your gum and bone tissue.

Flap surgery is often recommended when professional care and your daily home care cannot effectively reach deep periodontal pockets. For more information, and to set up your appointment with our caring dentist, please contact our practice today.