A Gingival Flap Procedure May Be Needed to Treat Severe Gum Disease

Without professional treatment minor gum inflammation issues with gingivitis, will gradually worsen into the more severe form of gum disease known as periodontitis. In time the periodontal infection can cause your gumline to pull back from your teeth allowing pockets of bacterial material to accumulate near the roots of your... Read more »

Set the Stage for Optimum Oral Health With Bruxism Prevention

Although caring for your smile doesn't require round-the-clock service. It does require round-the-clock attention. If you notice any oral health risks beginning to arise, it is important to set protection plans in place to keep your smile safe. Furthermore, prevent oral accidents and injuries by implementing effective lifestyle choices. However,... Read more »

Maximizing Your Smile During a Pregnancy

Are you aware that you are at an increased risk for several forms of dental damage while you are pregnant? The more you are willing to do to improve your teeth and gums and the care they receive while you're pregnant, the better off and safer they will be. Everything... Read more »

TMJ Disorder Treatment Might Call for Using a Dental Guard

An orthodontist like Dr. James Shaheen is sometimes called upon to help diagnose and treat problems with the temporomandibular joints that hinge the jaw. In many of these cases a chronic condition like TMJ disorder can cause discomfort when biting down, aches in the muscles around your temples and in... Read more »

Excessive Use of Retail Whitening Products Can Be Harmful

The microscopically porous nature of tooth enamel can sometimes trap tiny dark particles from certain foods and beverages. As these surface stains start to accumulate, they can gradually start to saturate your teeth. This process is even more likely to occur if you occasionally or frequently use tobacco products. As... Read more »

A Dental Checkup Is Critical for the Prevention of Oral Health Problems

Oral Health maladies like gum disease, cavity, and oral cancer are a serious concern throughout the American population. To help address and prevent these problems the American Dental Association recommends that you brush your teeth each morning and night as well as making a conscious effort to thoroughly floss at... Read more »

A Misshapen Tooth Might Be Addressed with a Dental Crown Restoration

Ideally, each of your permanent teeth should emerge from the gums with a smooth shape that meets comfortably with the other teeth in your bite pattern. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes genetic factors and minor orthodontic complications can lead to a misshapen tooth. If a tooth like... Read more »

Dental Sealants Can Help Protect Back Teeth from Early Tooth Decay

Once your child has their full complement of 32 permanent have fully replaced their primary teeth, maintaining the integrity of the tooth enamel and the overall health of their teeth is exceedingly important. After all these teeth will have to last them for the rest of their adult life. While... Read more »

Dental Facts on Tooth Hazard Prevention

  To keep your smile safe, never be afraid to set forth tooth hazard prevention plans to ensure optimal oral health care success. The more you do to think about the foods and drinks you consume and any other habits that may lead to dental damage or cause oral accidents... Read more »

A Case of Untreated Tooth Decay Could Lead to a Dental Abscess in the Gums

Sometimes a cavity can go unnoticed between your regularly scheduled dental checkups at Smiles of Grand River. This could be particularly distressing if you procrastinate your dental exam, as the lack of professional attention could allow the tooth decay to worsen. In some cases of untreated tooth decay, the bacteria... Read more »