Wisdom Teeth Can Often Be Extracted in a Single Outpatient Appointment

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The wisdom teeth lingering deep in the gums in the back of your son or daughter’s mouth are essentially vestigial teeth that no longer play a relevant role in the function of the modern human mouth. At some point in late adolescence they start to move in the periodontal tissues in an attempt to erupt from the gums.

As this starts to happen your child will likely complain about a dull ache, or feeling of pressure, and discomfort in the gums. They might also notice a sense of soreness in the jaw muscles and temporomandibular joints.

In a situation like this the wisest course of action is to schedule an exam at Smiles of Grand River’s dental office. In many of these causes, our team will likely recommend having their wisdom teeth extracted, to prevent further pain and complications.

Dr. James Shaheen can often perform a wisdom tooth extraction in a single outpatient appointment that may or may not require some level of sedation. After the extraction, he will likely prescribe pain medication to help your son or daughter remain comfortable while their gums heal.

Any specific aftercare instructions will be covered by a member of our staff. If your son or daughter is experiencing early symptoms of wisdom tooth discomfort, and you live in the New Hudson, Michigan, region, you should call 734-707-8764 to schedule an appointment with Smiles of Grand River today!